Driving Lessons in Abingdon and Oxford

Pass Plus

Passing your driving test is a great achievement and one of which you should be justly proud. However you can take your driving skills to another level by taking the Pass Plus course. The course is for people who have recently passed their test and will take you into many situations such as motorways that you have not faced before.

Pass Plus builds on the skills and knowledge you have already acquired and will teach you how to anticipate, plan for and deal with all kinds of hazards, helping you to become a more confident and competent driver

There are six one hour modules in all:

  • motorway driving
  • dual carriageway driving
  • night time driving
  • handling different weather conditions
  • rural roads
  • town centre driving

There is no test at the end of the course. You take it with your regular pass plus registered instructor who has to sign off that your driving has been satisfactory during each module of the course. On completion of the course you will receive as Pass Plus certificate which you can use to get discounts on your car insurance from a number of leading insurance companies.

If you have already passed your test and would like to do Pass Plus in the Oxford area please call us on 01235 554521 or 07934 295957.